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Dominic saw the woman approaching and he set his teeth, holstering his weapon as he turned to look at her. She was a Jedi; he could feel the Force thriving within her, the lightsaber in her hand only a secondary indication. He pulled off the glove that covered his right hand, exposing the stone-studded eye tattoo on his hand, and grabbed the hilt of his vibrosword in the other. As the blade left the stone, it hummed and sparked as its mesh activated, making it impervious to lightsaber attacks. He slowly started down the steps toward her, taking them one at a time.

She was a friend of the Sith woman, he could tell by the anxious gaze she had, the way her eyes flicked over his shoulder every so often to look at the other woman. But there was no need to fear; the Sith was safely with Zen, en route to her protectors. So instead of giving an answer to her question, he questioned her instead.

"Are you willing to reject the Force, Jedi?" he asked her, his face set and emotionless. The eyes that looked into hers weren't cold, weren't unfeeling...only empty. "To recognize its evil and detach yourself from it?"
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