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The set of Dominic's jaw grew tighter as he looked at her from over their crossed blades. Now taking a moment to study her, he found that her words were truer than they had been a moment ago. She was so /young/, he realized, not like that Cathar or the old man Adeline had killed; no, she looked more like the young captured Jedi...the one that died, that no ond bothered to remember. If he killed this girl, would she have anyone to mourn for her? Would her parents even recognize her face when it was displayed on that night's Holonet report, and know that their daughter was dead?

But suppose he let her go now. The immediate consequences would either be his own death or a rather unpleasant incarceration. But those weren't consequences he was worried about; what happened to him was a trivial matter. Suppose he let her go, and she went on to become the one that put an end to the Found? Then he had the fate of the entire galaxy on his shoulders. Even if he and everyone else died here in the compound tonight, the Found would still live on. But if the Jedi were allowed to escape...they would go on poisoning the galaxy with their powers and teachings - andhe could not allow that to happen.

"You say that as if I am the one who needs to be saved!" He answered, disengaging and sweeping at her feet.
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