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Back-flipping in the air, and landing safely from him, she looked at him with sympathy. For a goth Jedi, she had a soft spot. Which she rarely even showed. All of a sudden, Melany deactivated her lightsaber and stared at the young man sadly. "Listen to me. I wasn't born a Jedi. I came here to the Jedi Temple at the age of 14. I had no family. But the only family I had were the streets of Coruscant. Criminals, thugs, and mercenaries were the only people I had. But when the Jedi took me in... I had a real family. And even though I still don't want to be a Jedi... at least I have a family that cares for me."

She sadly stared at him and sighed. "But I have two burnin' questions... do you really want me to join you? And why are you hurting innocent lives, and I'm not talking of the Jedi. Why?"
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