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ATTACK!: "I Was the Sacrifice..."

Perdante, semi-conscious, suddenly went into a violent paroxysm of coughing. Her sputum was mixed with just the tiniest bit of blood. Blurry shapes and incoherent noises thundered all around her. Even though she was still alive, the only things standing between her and certain death were the restorative chemicals in the medpac given to her by Zen. However, who was the person that she sensed near her? Female...blurry...bald. Almost bald.

"Juhani?" she said weakly. "Is the Force on our side? Are we winning?"

Honestly, she couldn't tell, being so drained and still in a moderate state of anaphylactic shock. It had been worse without the medpac, but still...Unless she had more advanced medical treatment, she would certainly lose her life.

She smiled and shook her head, laughing a little. "If we're not, forget me. I was the sacrifice--remember? The distraction? I was SUPPOSED to die."


ATTACK!: The Ultimate Stage

All throughout the Gathering Place of the Found, the members of Seeker Adeline's sect sensed that something was wrong--Force or no Force. Where was Adeline? Where was their stalwart leader in the middle of the battle?

"Somebody go up to the Vanguard's Penthouse, NOW," said Pilgrim Sangura, a female Iridonian member. "Where's the Seeker? We need her down here." It had always irritated Sangura that the Seeker had always been somewhere higher, or at least more removed, from the rest of the Pilgrims she led. In her mind, a leader should be in the midst of her people, not above them...

However, the location of Seeker Adeline was now the least of her worries.

The constipation that Sangura had been suffering suddenly ended, and she soiled herself in agonizing pain. She was excreting nothing but long-digested chemicals and metal. Ostanovium. Unbeknownst to her, the negater and absorber of the Force was leeching the midichlorians from her blood, and she was in the ultimate stage of her life. Sangura fell to the ground and started to convulse, and it was not long before she was truly dead.

As if on cue, the other Pilgrims who were trying to fight against the Jedi and Republic officers began to soil themselves and drop like broken battle droids. The stench was AWFUL. Convulsing and expiring all over the building, the Pilgrims begged for water, medpacs, spiritual healing--anything that would save their lives. They no longer cared about the Truth, or their cause. All they knew was they were dying all over the place, and they wanted to live.

It was an ostanovium-induced pandemic. The Jedi felt it, too...

However, their reserves of strength and the Force would spare them a bit longer. If they left the building NOW, they would most likely survive.
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