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Originally Posted by Te Darasuum Mandalor View Post
You never said anything about not being able to have side characters!
((Yes, I did. I said you could only have one character. While I did allow you to make a sister for your character, that did not mean you could make as many characters as you wanted. Do not twist my words. One character means one character))

They are only in that part of the RP.
((I'm willing to let you slide, but if you do it again, I won't hesitate to report you.))

And my pirate isn't the leader of some Empire.
??? You just said, in your last post:
but also the head of a large pirate "Empire",
((You even address it by name))

Maybe you can remember the infamous pirate Edward Teach? He and so many others had some pirate havens scattered throughout the caribbean.
((Irrelevant. And he wasn't exactly a ruler of anything. Just very, very, notorious. Having a haven is different from an Empire.))

I didn't mean my post to sound grander than it actually is. I will also be more than happy to get rid of the year.
((Ah, good. I will allow the ship, and maybe a haven or two, if I'm feeling nice, but please tone down some of the traits. I won't have any character in this RP - including my own characters - be known as "the most feared pirate." However, he can be well-known.))


"I'll be eating tonight"

Dias wondered why the man bumped into him. He quickly ran through his head different possibilities, and then realized he was pickpocketed. Alvaro walked up to the man and pressed his pistol against the man's back. Alvaro then noticed that he could turn the situation into an oppurtunity.

"Give back my money. If you do, I'll allow you to join my crew. If you dont, I'll shoot you here on the spot."

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