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"Every war has its casualties!" He answered, and flew at her again. What she didn't know was that, in her attempt to gain his sympathy and establish some sort of understanding between them, she had destroyed any hesitation in his mind.The fact that she didn't want to be a Jedi didn't stop her from being one.

"Even the holy ones!" He continued as their blades bounced off each other. It was evident that he had the superior offensive skills, but he still couldn't slip past her defense. That didn't stop him from trying, though. "You mean to say that the Jedi have never taken innocent life?? They feed off it! All of those young children that are taken from their homes before they even understand what they're getting in to, sold to the Jedi like slaves! They have no choice in the matter! And before long, they're forced into a strict, emotionless, friendless lifestyle where they can know no love, no relaxation, and no freedom! You think that those children aren't innocent? Do you think they understand that they're throwing away those lives that they could have had??"

All this time Dominic had spent raining blow after blow down on the Jedi, no longer caring if he hit or not. Finally, he disengaged and stood, looking at her with murder in his eyes. "The Jedi must be stopped."

He was about to engage her again when something began happening out on the floor of the hall. Dominic turned slowly to investigate...and he had to fight down the rising phlegm in his mouth.

The Pilgrims - dozens, hundreds of them - were vomitting, collapsing, dying. At first, he thought that it was a Jedi trick, some new Force poison...but the Jedi and Republic soldiers looked just as horrified as he did. It was something else.

He looked down at his right palm. The ostanovium!
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