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“Fall back!” Meta ordered the troops and Jedi as Found members around him started to drop like flies. He did not issue this order out of a sense of panic, but a sense of quarantine. While he was aware that the mineral would kill whomever held large quantities of it in their bodies eventually, there was no telling if perhaps any form of disease could occur from the presence of or contact with the corpses. The versewalker himself had no need to fear organic diseases, but the other people in the room did.

It was at this point that Meta wondered just how much the cult understood the metal themselves. They surely must've known to some extent that massive amounts of any metal injected into the body would have negative side effects up to and including death. How were they going to kill all the Jedi if they didn't even understand their own weapon? It was like give a child a weapon and expecting them to have the proper respect that it deserved. It was sloppy, which spoke greatly about the cult in general. Regardless, though, Meta needed to clear this place of all subjects who were not going to convulse and die on the spot. This included Perdante and every wounded soldier and Jedi who couldn't walk, so he started issuing orders to have them accounted for and began to help with the relief himself.

Meta always carried what he, or rather the person who invented it, called a Drop Shield. When the device was activated, it would create a spherical shield that would protect everyone inside from outside weapon's fire. As an additional effect the shield would also heal everyone inside of it of all aliments, whether it be sickness or disease or gun wounds. This is exactly what he used to his advantage when he finally activated the shield and started dragging people – both Found and other – into its rather large radius.

"Into the Heal Shield people, for your daily dosage of vitamin not-die!"
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