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Psycho had been firing like a mad man and yet Juhani wanted him to continue giving cover fire. He dropped the rifle on his back and pulled out the missile launcher he had. After all he had brought it along, he might as well use it once. While his left hand continung the blaster assault he aimed his right arm at a wall and fired the missile causing debris to fly everywhere.

Zen was caught by surprise by the cathar's smile. So he really was wrong about these people...these warriors. A sharp pain had just hit his stomach causing him to fall to one knee. Something was happening inside of him and he was losing the fight. He looked around to see he was not the only one. Found members began to drop by the dozen. He clenched his fists and slowly rose to his feet. He would not die like this, a death this dishonorable would do nothing but make the Zoramee clan weak. It was then he noticed the strange one with the goggles drop sometime of shielding claiming it be be one of healing. He walked over to it and found his words to be truthful. Within seconds he found himself back at full strength.

"There is still a jedi inside the the throne room, I shall retrieve her," Zen said. And Dominic as well

Zen made his way back into the throne room to find the jedi was still fighting Dominic. Normally he would not interrupt a one on one fight but this time it was different. He walked over to where they were and stood next to Dominic activating his energy sword.

"The cathar jedi has issued a retreat, we must leave now," he said to her before looking over to Dominic. "An ally of theirs has thrown some type of healing shield which can save us. From there you can make your way to the hangar and use my ship to get out of here."
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