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I'm a bit late to this but I kind of like all of moral ambiguity of KOTOR & II because it is one of the few things that set it apart from other Star Wars videogames and well other characters in the SW continuity. I don't mind a gray sort of antihero villain from time to time if it means that I get a break from the typical curly-moustached, black cape wearing antagonist that always pits his opponents in all too easy Macgyver situations.

As for TOR as usual I will remain optimistic about it but I won't be dashing out to the nearest Target to buy a copy as soon as it hits shelves. I'll still want to play it just to see how the worlds I visited back in KI & II changed over the past 3 centuries. The retconning in Star Wars in general is pretty terrible not just the TSL thing, I mean don't get me started on the Clone Wars

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