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Zen watched as Dominic backed away from the two of them. He had made his decision to stay and Zen had made his to leave, it was as simple as that. He now turned to the weeping jedi that knelt before him. She was young and still new to combat from what he could tell. To show weakness before an enemy showed how green someone was. However now that he allied himself with the jedi she was his comrade, and seeing that he had more experience that made him in charge. He got down on one knee and placed his hand under her chin. He raised her head and forced the girl to look at him.

"You must stand young one. You want peace then you must work for it. Make it your goal to stand by, make it a reason to fight. Rise up young one, you will not find the universal peace you seek by weeping on the floor. I am former Found who now fights alongside you, show me why you jedi are such just warriors. Stand up and show me just how strong you are."
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