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((Sorry about this...but I'm totally itching to start "Check and Mate" tonight!))

AFTERMATH: The End of the Found...or Only the Beginning?

Alarm. Retreat. Evacuation. Burial of the many, many dead via a "controlled implosion" that was broadcast all over the holonet news that very evening. Officially, the Czerka Corporation Logistics Complex, also known as the Gathering Place of the Found, was being demolished due to "incredibly high concentrations of hazardous materials"--which was not entirely untrue. After all, ostanovium was toxic to everyone, Force-sensitive or not...

Perdante, once she was taken back to the Jedi Temple for treatment and recovery, was made a Jedi Knight by Grand Master Brianna for her willingness to lose everything for the sake of the mission's success. Juhani also bestowed her with the new surname of Dareva--meaning "giver". Both humbled and honored, the former Sith vowed to continue the fight against the Found--and against this "Khristoff", of whom Seeker Adeline had spoken.

She and her stalwart allies were honored in a grand ceremony put on by the top Republic brass for their victorious infiltration of the highly-dangerous cult. As for the remaining members who were not dead--except for Zen and Dominic Travesty--they were "deprogrammed" of their xenocidal beliefs at several mental-health hospitals and other facilities throughout Coruscant.

Still, the goal of stopping "the Found" completely was not yet met. "Khristoff" was still at large, and the Republic could not glean any information from the remains of the deceased Seeker Adeline. Would all hope be lost?

Not if Perdante, the Jedi, and those with her had anything to say about it!

THE END 6/27/10
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