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Originally Posted by Seikan View Post
I know i'm late but whatever.
No sweat, it's never too late to argue about this ****.

Well I don't think kreia could really be rated as malevolent, she nis a weir old women, who love to manipulate the others, but she never do anything *really* bad
Off the top of my head:
1. She enslaved Hanharr with another life debt and kept him alive solely so she could set him up for another fight with Mira
2. Invades Atton's mind with the Force and uses information from that to blackmail him into staying with the crew
3. Used Tobin to draw Nihilus to Telos, sending the latter to what just about amounts to certain death in doing so
4. And, of course, her plan to kill the Force had a good chance of killing either all life in the known universe, or a pretty big chunk of it.

she killed the three jedi masters? come on, they where arbitrarily trying to cut the exile connection to the force, without asking her opinion, and we know well how cruel it is, after knowing what it was for her the first time, so i think the jedi master were worst than kreia for killing them.
Unjustified murder is unjustified murder. The Jedi Masters were not trying to harm anyone for their own purposes. Furthermore, Kreia killed the Jedi Masters just as "arbitrarily" as they tried to block the Exile's ability to use the Force; they acted, at worst, out of ignorance of the Exile's significance in that she was the only one who could take Nihilus in a fight, while Kreia acted out of her thirst for revenge against the Jedi, knowing damn well what was going on, and at no point did she consider attempting to negotiate or reason with the Jedi.

She maintained Hanraar alive? well maybe the reasons were not so good, but that's not an atrocity, the wookie is crazy, and she don't force him to be the exile slave, he just help him, and do two, or three thing to kreia, but for the rest he have some freedom.
Balderdash. She kept him alive against his will so she could pit him against Mira. He was just another pawn; she didn't give a **** about Hanharr.

And, also, kreia never support the dark side exile when he does the random cruel action, like killing anyone without any reason.
That is true, but you do not seem to be paying enough attention to why Kreia does so. Kreia has no problem with doing evil things; she just hates it when the Exile does it in a manner or for a reason that she finds distasteful. Kreia values cleverness, subtlety, and ability to see how factors in a situation can be understood and controlled; hence, when the Exile kills an innocent person, she rebukes her not because she cares about the innocent person's life, but because the Exile isn't subscribing to her way of thinking, which means being clever and achieving goals by underhanded means and for solid reasons.

The jedi masters killed all of their students because of a vision? where is the redemption? the "love"?
Those Masters were members of the Jedi Covenant, a radical organization which, incidentally, was not known to exist even by the Council, which was pissed off over what happened on Taris.

Also the jedi master who exiled the "exile" just because she fight for her beliefs, trying to protect the republic, while the council refused to act.
They didn't exile the Exile for her beliefs; that was just what they told her. The real reason as outlined near the game's end is because of the effects they feared her rapid Force-bonding ability and status as a wound in the Force would damage the Jedi Order when it already was starting to run low on members. Furthermore, The Jedi Council did give Revan their support after they learned of what the Mandalorians did on Cathar.

So no, the jedi order is not all white. Also cutting the children, for their families, because it can lead to the dark side? why don't they teach them to control their feeling instead of refusing them, Anakin wouldn't have fail if he could have trusted on the order to help him, without having to hide his relation with padme.
Jedi aren't supposed to suppress their emotions, they're supposed to deal with them by keeping them under control. Hence, if Anakin had kept his emotions under control, he never would have gotten with his wife and the **** that went down in Episode III very well might have gone much better for the galaxy.

Furthermore, does Anakin's marriage being secret have to do with him falling to the dark side? What difference would the situation with him being hysterically afraid of her dying have?

Jhonatan told the greatest power is "love", well the jedi aren't allowed to love.
No, they're just not allowed to get unnecessarily attached to people. Because of what happened with Anakin, for example.

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