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Juhani anxiously paced outside the door that led to Admiral Onasi's quarters and once again cursed herself for letting the republic find out that she was a former sith.

When she leaves I intend on having a few words with Carth. She helped take down the Found organization on coruscant. She doesn't deserve punishment she deserves compassion.

She continued to pace even as another hodded figure approached her, this one more familiar.

"Still waiting?"

"Yes Atton. I must confess that I am worried about her. She helped us drive the found away from Coruscant. She doesn't deseve this."

"What can I say? Life sometimes doesn't turn out the way that we want it to."

"I realize that but still...The republic should have given her a full pardon for her actions with the found. Grand master Brianna and I were praised as heroes but she nearly died during the mission and recieved nothing except...this."

"Like I said life doesn't turn out the way we want it to. You know that."

Juhani stopped for a moment and then resumed pacing as she waited for Perdante to leave.
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