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Perdante exited Admiral Carth Onasi's office with a sigh of relief. She knew she would face punishment for murdering the three high-ranking Republic officials, but a possible suicide mission? She hadn't truly suspected that tracking down this "Khristoff" fellow might cause her to lose her very life one more time...

Upon seeing her master, Juhani, Perdante knelt down, as was proper for a Jedi Knight to do before the one who was training her. True, Juhani was not yet a Jedi Master, but Lord Revan himself had been trained as a Jedi by Bastila Shan before she ever reached that rank...Of course, Bastila eventually became a Sith, but that was another long story--one that Perdante did not want to revisit. The tale of Lord Revan was a tale too close to her own redemption.

"Knight Juhani?" Perdante announced modestly. "Admiral Onasi briefed me on my sentence, and the mission to which I've been sent." She gave a short summary of what he'd told her in his office. Standing up, she said, "Fear not for me. I'm glad to be conscripted. If I can do anything to stop the leader of the Found, then I'll do it. Even if it turns out to be a kamikaze run..."

She glanced at Atton Rand. "Another Jedi friend of yours? Err--have we met, sir?"
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