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Walking down, or mostly staggering down, the path towards the Galactic Republic headquarters, a young woman, hiccuped and drunk a bottle of Corellian ale she held in her hand.

Melany Garzo, former Jedi now smuggler, couldn't understand why she came here. Was it the will of the Force? "I don't *hiccup* I don't give a womp rat's rear of what they say. I'm here for one thing and one thing only. To make the Force shut up..."

Suddenly, she burst through the slide door to where Juhani, Perdante and others were. She burped and leaned on the wall, smiling weakly. "Master Juhani! Perdy! Long time, long time!" Melany hiccuped and drunk another sip of the Corellian ale. She was a mess...
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