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A protocol and security droid for the inner offices of the Republic HQ suddenly skittered up to Melany. "Excuse me," it intoned, "but I am afraid that you do not have security clearance to be in this part of the building. I must escort you out. Please follow me. If you do not, I will have to resort to harsher protocols." It was not intending to be insulting--only polite and businesslike.

Perdante, after shaking hands with Atton and telling him, "Pleased to meet you", took a good, long look at the drunken woman before her. She looked familiar, but Perdy couldn't quite place--Then she recognized the Jedi:

"Knight Garzo--er, Melany?! What brings you over here, and why are you halfway..." She was going to say "drunk", but settled for "inebriated".

The protocol droid stepped even closer. "Follow me, miss. I warn you."

"It's okay," Perdante told the mechanical security guard. "She's a friend..."
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