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Funsies. Notice my absense? No? Well, deal with it. Lemme explain why that is...

So last Friday (as in the 18th), I'm laying in bed, dead asleep having worked late the night before. I'm awakened by the smell of burning. 'Whats burning?' I ask myself. So I open my eyes to find smoke billowing into my townhouse. 'Hmm, the smoke detectors aren't going off. That sucks.' I say to myself. So I sit up and look outside to see a gray haze. 'That can't be good' I say aloud as I shut my window just as my fiance' runs into the room screaming that we have to evacuate (not so elequently, mind you). So I vacate the premisis and look back to see the building engulfed in smoke.

Apparently, the ******* 3 doors down from us was beating one of his kids infront of my house while his 2 other kids (all under the age of 7, mind you) are in their room burning garbage. So I've been homeless the past 2 weeks. The best part? My 4 month old kitten was killed by the smoke.

The damage? The apartment owners are considering total loss. Huge gaping hole in the building engulfing about 4 of the 7 units. Mine only suffered smoke damage which, as many of you can probably figure out, ruined all of our upholstered furniture - my bed, our couch; all of that kind of good ****. As of right now, I have about 6 shirts, 2 shorts, 2 pairs of pants, my XBox 360 (of course), and my brand new HDTV.

Also, I hate kids.
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