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"Melany, wait!" cried Perdante. "As I was talking to Admiral Onasi, he was telling me about the other people who would serve on the Millennial. I'm completely sure that I heard him say your name. Please, come back. If we're going to track this 'Khristoff' down, who better than a conniving smuggler to sneak around, track down leads, and infiltrate his lair if we reach it? Eh?"


Carth shook his head sadly. "Revan's been gone ever since...ever since he left for unknown space, beyond the Outer Rim. As for the Exile, I haven't heard anything of or from her, either. Rumor has it she followed Revan." Yearning to grab the flask of juma juice hidden in the bottom drawer of his desk, he continued, "We need their help, but it's like they've completely vanished from the galaxy. Who or what are they tracking down? It can't be Khristoff. He hasn't even identified himself as a Sith, only a so-called 'Prophet of the Truth'. Why would those two even bother, when they're trying to fight a deeper threat?" Bitterness crept into his voice. "They've abandoned us."
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