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"If they did," answered Carth, "I don't see how we can possibly help them. We don't know where they are. By the Force, we don't even know what lies beyond the Outer Rim! That's why so few spacefarers dare to go out there. We have more intel on Khristoff, based on what we could recover off of the bodies of the dead Found members. I'm convinced he's still within the 'space' we know, although far, far away from Coruscant. Revan and the Exile?"

He sighed. "They're lost, and they've been that way for years. I'm not going to discount your Force visions or dreams, Juhani. After all, Revan had them, and the clues from those dreams are what led us to the Star Forge. However, unless your new dreams can pinpoint us to an exact location where Revan and the Exile might be, I can do nothing. Help us with Khristoff first. Please?"
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