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"In that you would be correct," Admiral Onasi responded, looking toward Zen. "For example, she had an estranged relative of hers fired from his position as a junior private investigator for one of the most reputable detective agencies here on Coruscant. All because she hated him--and, he divorced her sister."

Perdante stifled snickers, but noticing Zen's disapproval, then bowed her head.

"Also, a legal defense fund set up for her has been found to be illegal."

She raised an eyebrow. "If this Senator is so corrupt, then why is she still in the political game? Don't people see through her? I know I sure would."

"Skelch has got her team of lawyers, expert witnesses, and so on to provide proof of her statements--even if those statements may not be facts." Turning back to Zen, Carth continued, "I do distrust her motives, as do my soldiers."
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