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Originally Posted by Tommycat View Post
(Just a note: I was kidding about Nadd. Poking fun at my ajunta pall stuff)
1) Doesn't have to be true
2) Doesn't have to be more powerful
Mind you first that you are responding to an old post. I had not considered something that actually I just thought of not 24 hours ago. As I will come to.

So I officially retract from my position of their incompetence... for now.
Here's how: The Star Forge feeds off it's users. It gives power, but requires Force power as well (I think Malak was the one who mentioned it, or maybe the computer in the temple or the elders camp maybe even one of the elders... SOMEBODY MENTIONED IT). Now being the live loving Sith Emperor he is, he wouldn't want to risk giving up his Force power.
I know where you're going with this:

"Maybe the Sith Emperor wasn't looking for the star forge afterall?"
Upon examination, maybe this might have been a perfect means with which to "Deceive" the republic with its employment and destruction. A mini war. That would imply he did in fact know about it previously and was using it as an instrument/prop for his own plans.

There's only really a few possibilities as to how this could have played out:
1) he and/or other sith were once able to access and/or possess the star forge which would mean trudging through Lehon/Unknown world far prior to Revan. The problem with this, however, is that a huge trail of evidence would have been left, too big to not be noticed, even by Revan's second coming. (second coming, lol) Somebody would have been bound to remember something like that and pass it down through the rakatans. You just don't hide something like this.

2) There were knowledgeable rakatan survivors elsewhere in the galaxy, able to accurately inform and perhaps infiltrate on behalf of sith. Problem: Still, if they had a plague that cost them their force sensitivity it is unlikely if not impossible that the Star Forge could have been used by their infiltrators.

3) All the above: Rakatan infiltration with the sith covertly stepping in to access or take control of it behind the scenes. This does point to a conspiracy to prop up the elder council with sith puppets to do some "political maneuvering" to this end. This could work, but...

a) This would still have been discovered by other rakatans.

b) Now such a discovery would cause infighting and mistrust amongst all rakatans. The ensuing war would have torn everything apart from the inside of the elder tribe let alone all over the entire planet.

Seeing as how the map was in Sadows tomb, perhaps he was the first to travel to all of the maps to discover it's location. He may have even waited for someone to come by(hey if you can live for over a thousand years, what's a few years?).
I do not think so. We have no evidence of prior access or possession by any sith or otherwise. While something like prior sith possession could remain hidden from the republic for a time, it would not, however, remain hidden from the rakatans.

Only evidence we have to sith possessing prior to Revan is that the sith might have had a trail pointing in that direction AKA star maps. Even so, the rakatans were adamant that they had been isolated for all those millennia. While ancient sith deceiving the rakatan people would have been possible, such a thing would have errupted into a war once (inevitably) discovered that would have destroyed their remaining civilization.

The Rakatans would have also been MUCH more hostile to Revan. Furthermore, why didn't they make at least some mention of previous Sith that accessed/possessed it? Even if it was mere visitors?
Maybe you can help here because it just doesn't make sense and it's just too flimsy to stand up.

The only way would be corruption that infiltrated and moved out quietly. Even that would have made a mark of some kind. This does point to a conspiracy to prop up the elder council with sith puppets to do some "political maneuvering" to this end.

Problem is that unless the ancient sith were able to mindwipe and edit the memory of all Rakatans, like Jedi being able to do it to some of their own, I really don't see how this not-so-little thing would have remained hidden. Especially with such a limited population. They could not have done it by subjugation either. IIRC The Rakatans had no visitors for all that time so there is a lot of explaining to be done.

Also, in this scenario, even if it were used an isolated war between the sith, something like that would tend to be, errm, noticed from afar by people. By people I mean like the republic.

The ancient sith could not have known any of this nor made any determination about the star forge ultimately being limited and perhaps a detriment without prior access/possession. I can see that they'd maybe relinquish it after finding out all of that. But it still begs the question why the Rakatans did not recount this if they'd had visitors. There are many possible explanations but something would have slipped through the cracks. You just don't have something of that scale go unnoticed by the natives. Also there wasn't just the elder tribe, there was the younger and more militant tribe as well that would had to have been dealt with.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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