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Originally Posted by Kira_Tsukasa View Post
I thought about the whole Jedi vs Sith, good vs evil thing and I realized something. Both the Jedi and the Sith are a different means to the same end. As Palpatine remarked in Episode III, "The Jedi want power and they want to keep it." Both groups want the galaxy to work the way they envision it to work.
But their goals are totally different. The Jedi seek to protect peace and justice, and according to Mace view civilization and democracy as the best means to that end, which is why they serve the Republic. They don't seek political power for themselves, as they could take it by force. They also had a legal opportunity to actually hold power and were clearly hesitant to do so. Despite some dogmatic issues, overall they attempt to do things for the common good.

The Sith on the other hand are totally in it for themselves, and aim to dominate everyone else and consolidate power.

I guess it really comes down to what you mean by "power".

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