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Darasuum's storyline

chapter 7: An Old Friend

Blaze stared in amazement as his former mentor, Nathaniel Hawk, in disbelief. "Nathaniel, what the hell are you doing in Port Royal? I thought you, Danielle, and your children lived over in Charlestown, Nevis."

"Eye, we do, but I came here to join a crew a man by the name of Alvaro Dias sent. He told me of a wondrous treasure that we were to look for!"

"He's probably just lying, as he did to me. He said that he was turning Port ROyal over to me. It was only because he needed my skills in this endeavor."

"I still believe he was telling the truth Blaze. Let us go ask him. Say, do you know where I can find Mister Dias?"

"Yes, he said to meet me on his ship, I don't know what class it is, but I'm guessing it's that small frigate moored in the shadows. Let's go." The two of them jogged through the streets along with many brothels, gambling dens, and taverns until they came to the port gate. Nathaniel stepped inside the port and walked in direction of a rowboat where he saw Alvaro Dias, just as Blaze saw a mysterious shadow on the back of a manure cart. As the shadow noticed Blaze, he climbed up a ladder back to the rooftops.

"You go on Nathaniel, there is a man who's been stalking us for quite some time, I'll take care of him, you go on." Blaze walked back to the street and climbed up some ladders to the top of a rather suspicious establishment to draw attention away from himself from the prostitutes and drunks bellow. He saw a cloaked man with a brace of daggers in front of him "an assassin," he thought and unsheathed his sword.......

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