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Why I won't be playing TOR.

So i've been debating to myself whether to write this thread for a while and a recent post I read in a topic influenced me to express my opinions on TOR, so here goes:

Examine the reasons people dislike TOR. Most couldn't care less if it was a direct port of KotOR to the MMO genre. Just because it IS an MMO they hate it. so KotOR fans have already made up their minds that TOR is not their game regardless of if it works. Look at when it was announced. Before screenshots and anything else KotOR fans were thumbing their nose at it. Anything else just gave them more reasons to hate it.
i can assure you this was not my initial reaction.

After seeing the decieved trailer. I was thinking "OMG, they're going to continue Kotor through this game! This could be truely epic, this could actually be the first mmo that I can actually get into!"

You see I had just finished the first Mass Effect and loved it. It was an immersive experience that I really enjoyed but most importantly (to me) it was the first rpg I had played where I liked the combat system. You see i've always wanted a game with the character customisation of the kotor games without the normal rpg combat system.

So I was thinking something close to the mass effect combat system mixed with the SW:Kotor setting in an mmo might just sell me.

I presumed seeing as it was a mmo and a continuation of kotor that they wouldn't want anything too taxing on pc's in terms of graphics so I assumed they go with the look and style of the previous 2 games. (which I also happen to like)

Then it happened..

I saw a gameplay video. Not only did they not incorporate a new combat system for the mmo genre, they went a completely different direction for the visuals of the game.

The characters in this game look a lot like WoW characters to me. So anychance of me getting immersed into the game (and my potential character or characters) was gone. I always liked how the previous games looked and it genuinely surprised me that they mirrored WoW with the aesthetics here.

"Be a little more open" and quite frankly KotOR fans are WAY too demanding. They DEMAND Revan, They DEMAND Exile. They made so many demands, it was impossible to even come close to meeting their expectations. So KotOR fans are really the ones saying FU to BioWare for not meeting their impossible standards.
As far as Revan and Exile goes I knew this was going to be based around 300 years after TSL so I assumed they be dead and not too relevant to the player's experience in this game.
There are a few threads on canon/storylines within TOR and how they relate to the previous installments so I won't touch on it too much here.

I will say this though when I first heard about this I raced to my computer to find out more about this game but i've already found out enough about this game to know it won't be my cup of tea.

As a closing point, I think this game truely had the potential to break through a lot of the things that prevent certain gamers from playing mmo's. Unfortunatly this game will not be that genre-altering title I was hoping for.

If any of ye have different reasons for wanting to (or not wanting to) play the game i'd be intrested to hear it?
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