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The Admiral nodded somberly. "You make a good case, sir," he said, turning to the mysterious and metallic Meta. "Thus, I suggest that your groups diverge and go with their respective leaders to a place that's less conspicuous than my office. Everybody wants to see the Admiral these days."

Turning to Juhani, he told her, "Jedi Knights Juhani and Perdante? I'd like you to follow Captain Starr to the main hangar, where the Millennial awaits. Misters Zen and Caboose? Please follow, because you'll be joining them. As for you," he said, turning to Melany, "you will also be aboard the Millennial. Hopefully, you'll be sobered up before you ever get a request to fly the ship."

Perdante blushed. How dare he speak to an old comrade of hers like that?

"That's six of you on the Millennial, but that's not enough. Captain Starr? I've requested that two more Republic officers join you before you take off for the Outer Rim. It's too bad that they're somehow late for this rendezvous, but perhaps they faced emergences beyond their control." Perdante noticed how he said emergences, without the I in the middle that would have made the word emergencies. What could be so important as to cause Republic officers to miss this meeting?

"Anyway, Mister Shain? Mister--Meta? That leaves two of you for my intelligence and recon team that will work on the case we're building against Senator Skelch." He frowned. "How did I accidentally allot six members to the Millennial and only two to this task force? The numbers should at least be three and six, or maybe four as opposed to six. I need more people."

He shook his head. "Maybe I'm getting soft in the brain in my later years."
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