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"Jedi Knights Juhani and Perdante? I'd like you to follow Captain Starr to the main hangar, where the Millennial awaits. Misters Zen and Caboose? Please follow, because you'll be joining them. As for you, you will also be aboard the Millennial. Hopefully, you'll be sobered up before you ever get a request to fly the ship."

Juhani nodded once and then turned to the Captain Starr. "I look forward to tracking down the leader of the Found with you Captain. I doubt they'll know what hit them when we find them."

"How did I accidentally allot six members to the Millennial and only two to this task force? The numbers should at least be three and six, or maybe four as opposed to six. I need more people."

Atton raised raised one of his hands when he heard that he needed more people to build a case against the senator.

"I volunteer. If this woman does have ties to the found then she needs to be stopped. I heard about how thise pilgrims died and rest assured I don't want to see anything like that happen to anyone else."
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