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First off, where'd you get these quotes BTW?

Don't worry, I was once a n00b on these forums such a short time ago, myself. I'll go easy on ya, but firm. Speaking as one who was more a naysayer, I'm now neutral. I won't be playing for two reasons:
1) monthly fee
2) I'd need a new machine which I cannot afford right now.

It's all over money. Though I am stil lchafing a little about minor things but...meh...

I'm split over buying a PS3 for the new Twisted Metal coming out soon and playing online, or if I want to continue with intensifying my electronics hobby. So TOR will have to wait on the backburner.

In any event, all my gripes aside I would consider going for the game if it were not an MMO--even if it is friendly to single players. First thing on my mind was "LA is cashing out".

I have to agree with you, OP, that the gameplay mechanics of such just don't "get" me. While it'd be "my first MMO", in actuality I have played friends' accounts on other games. The way they're just generally set up just...bothers me, and no I can't rationally describe it. Maybe it's just creepy?

In general: I wanted a KOTOR3 but that ain't happening. Don't care too much for how they are largely ignoring K2, but whatever. On minor details of K1 cat's out of the bag...

I guess I just don't see the whole thing about Revan...Either his will was his own and he never truly fell, or he was a tool. The latter sucks but that's apparently the only way revan could not have been corrupted by the dark side... Personally I like the idea his will was always his own and that he wasn't a goody-good guy.

Bah, screw it, the SW EU is like a buffet, take what you want and leave the rest...and puke on the canon since the newest stuff retcons the older stuff even if it's established canon already.

In general I'd like to see where it goes from here. Interesting for story if nothing else. Alas we know it'll end up being a nigh-endless war from here onward for another few thousand years until the events in the Darth Bane novels. Actually I think that's just it: I know how it all ultimately ends up so it has been ENTIRELY spoiled for me.

The reason I'd like to play: after crushing the republic I'd turn on the emperor and snap his 1300 year old ass over my knee like a dry twig, then make an example out of Darth Malgus just for fun.

That and to don some of the other non jedi characters because they are so often overlooked.

That's right, Bixby Snyder folks.
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