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"They're always like this."

"We're always like this."

All three Republic officials responded with identical timing, the two twins releasing the ladies' hands and turning to grin at the Captain. Turning to Melany's voice, Fara nodded. "Yeah, there's one inside." she jabbed a thumb inside. "Mica, you wanna show her where? And Sal, since you're here, you can show them all to where they'll be staying."

Both twins snapped a salute to her. "Yes, ma'am!"

She looked then over their shoulders to the civilian group. "I'll let you all settle in on the dormitory level." Her eyes fell onto the two Jedi women, lingering a moment longer on the one Mica had been so friendly with. "And I'll see you on the bridge at about twelve-hundred hours? We're set to depart at half past."

And with that, she crossed the gangplank and disappeared into the ship. The twins turned to their prospective charges.

"Bathroom, right?" Mica asked, looking at the one that had asked for it. "Follow me. I don't bite," he winked. "Promise." And he turned around, heading across the gangplank also.

"Everyone else!" Sal flagged the others down. "Bring your stuff!"
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