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Port Royal, Jamaica is said to be home to the deadliest criminals out there. Its a safe haven to thieves, con-artists, muggers, murders, and even pirates. If this place was so accepting of criminals, then why was one man watching for danger on the rooftops above? This was because this man was none other than the Red Death; a notorious thief whose bounty was so high it was starting to get impossible to count how much his head was worth. He started out as a mere myth but as he traveled from town to town his appearance as well as his infamy began to rise. No one knew the Red Death used to be a peasant named Hector Santigo. That name was lost a long time ago ever since that unfortunate night in Madrid.

This mysterious cloaked thief watched as he saw a man walking towards a local tavern. A warm night wind blew past the thief's face as if telling him to follow. Had it not been for the pirate hat he probably wouldn't have done so. Still he had been in Jamaica for a few days and he needed leave. The only way he could do that is if he could get a ride on a ship and unfortunately he would have to rely on a pirate for that. However he would also have to hope the pirate wouldn't turn him in. He waited until the pirate turned a corner before moving from his spot. He leaped from roof to roof until he landed on the roof of the tavern. He waited perched over the roof to see where the pirate would go once he left.

He suddenly heard a window shatter and saw a man get up and head for the shadows. The cloaked thief shook his head at the man and made his way over to the ledge of the roof. The next thing he heard was fighting and then saw the pirate from before waiting in the street. He witnessed the pirate draw his blade and kill just as their kind did. He was disgusted by their behavior but sometimes killing was a necessity . He waited until the pirate was a few houses ahead before perusing him once more. Once his target stopped moving he did the same on the roof above.

The pirate pointed his sword at another and told him he was part of his crew. The man formally known as Hector was confused by this. This pirate was actually looking for people to join? Perhaps this pirate could be reasoned with even though he was quick to draw that blade of his. It looked like he would have to make the first move. Once the other was out of sight he pulled out one of his throwing knives. He twirled it before taking aim at the pirate's head. With just two fingers he let the knife sail across the night sky. The knife whizzed right by the pirate's face and landed on the ground with the blade sticking up.

"The next one will be in your skull," he said from above. "I have you trapped pirate and now you will listen to me. You are seeking crew members and I require a ride out of here, perhaps we can help one another."
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