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Originally Posted by VeniVidiVicous View Post
So i've been debating to myself whether to write this thread for a while and a recent post I read in a topic influenced me to express my opinions on TOR, so here goes:
a) We have an entire forum section for this game.
b) What do you want to achieve with this? That they'll cancel it? That we won't play it? It's simply a statement.
c) Why compare this with Mass Effect? We're talking shooter/mmo here. An MMO that needs an engine that can perform on old and new computers. Hundreds or thousand of people are in an digital environment at once, you can't use the Crysis engine for that purpose, which is created for single player experience.

And if you don't like it, (I didn't like it either, still have my doubts) don't buy it. World War 3 won't start over it. Probably.

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