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Visas had been in the cargo hold of the millenial for some time now. She was sitting down right in the middle of the room in trance. She was reaching out with the force as only she knew how and started to see her visions. The visions of her former master for some time had been finding their way into her mind but he was dead, so why would they come to haunt her again? She brushed off those visions for now and concentrated her thoughts on the exile. She could not feel her anywhere near.

"Where are you?", Visas asked herself in a soft voice. There was noise coming in from the loading ramp. She figured the team that Admiral Onasi had assembled was finally boarding. She was asked to join on the Millenial after they found that her constant focus on finding the Exile was not giving any fruit.

"Am I doing the right thing? I was supposed to offer my life for hers", Visas said again to herself, she wasn't one to allow her feelings to be exposed so clearly but the sadness had started to weigh down on her. She stood up and walked over to the loading ramp where she saw through the force, several figures of people walking by. She simply limited herself to observe them.

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