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“We get our own rooms? This. Is. AWESOME! Normally I have to share a room with someone else like Tucker and then they do something like steal my blanket or my teddy bear. I wish I had my drum set. We could start a band and call it the Cookie Monsters!” Caboose commented gleefully. “And then we can go on this rocket ship to kill Mr. Evil Man from Mars and then have cake afterward!”

It was at this point when the people began to split off that Caboose noticed that he and Zen were the only males in this group and thus would be sharing the dorm.

“Um, excuse me Mr. Repman, but do I have to share a room with the big scary alien? I do not want to stay in the same room as it.” Caboose hesitantly asked Sal. “You know, maybe I could sleep in the big room where we store stuff instead? Or maybe the kitchen! Now that Tucker is not here, he won't eat all the food! But wait, there are other people that eat the food. They better not eat my cookies!”

- - - - - - - - - - - -

“Seems like this Revan guy turned out better than his other friend, what after the whole conquering of the galaxy thing. I wish I could sympathize with you Admiral and Mr. Rand, but at the moment I think our focus should be on the troubles of today so that we can have tomorrow to speculate what we could have done better.” Meta stated, though in as calm and soothing way as his vocabulary could allow. The metallic alien would give them that much.

“On the topic of our senatorial problem, it makes sense to have one of our men planted as a personal assistant. Really, it could be all we need within the span of a few months. However, we have all seen that the Found tend to move quickly and drastically. With her connections and resources, who knows what she will attempt to accomplish. So, we have to be bold. We have to get enough evidence to convict her of real connections with the Found, a charge of treason in conspiracy with terrorists, or we have to remove her in a less conventional and much more controversial fashion, AKA a round to the head. I don't think the latter will be necessary, as I have a knack for getting info, but it is an option.” Meta paused to allow the Admiral and Rand to voice their comments and to slightly adjust his goggles.

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