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Originally Posted by exonimus View Post
I'd be the first to admit the storyline is bad and too many things are left unexplained.
I remembered someone posting how they thought the MotS story could be improved back when a MotS mod was entirely hypothetical. I thought that I'd dig it up and share it in case it might be helpful to you.

Now that I've found it I see there wasn't much there.

The relevant part is this:

IMHO...they should have made Mara's journey simply a quest for Kyle. The whole thing would have gelled together if she'd been informed early on of Kyle's disappearance - never mind all this 'help the Republic' business. Then it would have made sense grabbing that she could find out the most likely place for Kyle to be.

Which you can see in context here.

And apparently I posted in that thread, I had no idea. At the time I thought integrating that thinking into an MotS mod "would make it far better" at this point it's been so long since I played MotS that I hardly remember the story and can't speak to how, if at all, it might be improved.
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