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"Lady Jedi, We have special, seperate accommodations set up for you."

Juhani nodded her thanks at the at the two of them and entered her room cautiously. There was telling if there was something waiting for her inside. She looked over the room carefully, not seeing anything that could harm her.

This room actually looks quite comfortable. But I can sense someone else on board...someone in the cargo hold. I'll investigate that later.

"With her connections and resources, who knows what she will attempt to accomplish. So, we have to be bold. We have to get enough evidence to convict her of real connections with the Found, a charge of treason in conspiracy with terrorists, or we have to remove her in a less conventional and much more controversial fashion, AKA a round to the head. I don't think the latter will be necessary, as I have a knack for getting info, but it is an option.

"If you do need someone to take care of this senator then look no further. Back during the jedi civil war I served with the Sith. I was with an elite unit that went after Jedi. I've managed to kill off Jedi before, a senator should pose no problem."
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