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Zen was completely baffled at how the two human male officers were acting around the Captain. They were speaking as if they were equal in power to her and were even touching her. To lay a hand on a Sangheili Commander would result in instant death. Yet here these two were acting like children and all the Captain did was tell them to stop. Once again Zen found himself wishing a Sangheili were in charge only to watch the two officers be behead for such foolishness.

Zen did not have many items with him to bring aboard the Millennial. All he had was his armor and his energy sword. The ship would provide his basic needs for food, water, and a place to sleep so he didn't bother with any of those. He followed after the the one known as Sal as he showed them where they would be staying while aboard the ship. He watched as the officer signaled to him and the armored man called Caboose to the right. He also heard Sal say both Juhani and Perdante would be given special quarters. This did not bug him as much as the behavior of the officer's but still got to him a bit. Once again he had to remember that humans did things differently than his kind did.

Zen was about to make his way into the room when he heard Caboose's remark of his kind. The "it" comment was the last straw in his mind. He let out a roar in anger and walked up to both Sal.

"The armored human can have the entire room, I don't wish to be such a burden on your kind," Zen snarled beginning to walk away. "If this were a Sangheili ship, there would be order! No lesser ranking officers talking back to their superiors so freely, No warriors being given special privileges when the title should be enough, and most importantly no feeling of superiority!" He shouted so that everyone would hear.

He was so sick of humans at that moment in time he was considering just slicing them all down. He took a deep breath and knew he wouldn't do such a thing no matter how angered he was.
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