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Perdante was suddenly overwhelmed by an enormous disturbance in the Force. At first, she mistook it for a tremendous surge of irritation and annoyance, but then thought about it for a moment. The Force signature wasn't coming from a human, but rather an alien presence aboard the Millennial. Zen. It had to be the Sangheili warrior, perhaps trying to adjust to being the only one of his kind on the vessel. Everyone else was human--or, at least, they all acted as if they were human.

She made her way to the doorway of the men's dormitory. "Zen?" she asked. Then, after a long pause, she continued, "I...I have to go see the Captain in a bit, but I never got to thank you properly for rescuing me from the Throne of Gain on Coruscant. I would have died, chained to that chair, if it hadn't been for you." Her voice sounded muffled through the thick metal door, but it was clear enough for anyone inside the dormitory to hear. "I'm gladly in your debt..."
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