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He bent over forward as the coughs wracked his body, lasting a good forty seconds before he could breath again - and even then, it was a tight, uncomfortable rasping. Dominic waited for it to pass...and when it didn't, he lay sideways on the bed to get access to the nightstand. Even then, he had to fumble for several seconds amongst the clutter of empty vials before he managed to get hold of a full syringe. Sitting back up, he waited for another coughing fit to pass before rolling up his sleeve and jamming the needle into his arm and injecting the serum. He collapsed backwards on the mattress, feeling his breathing ease as the kolto took affect.

This sickness was getting to be dehibilitating. It was nothing at first...but ever since the Incident, he had been getting progressively worse.

At first, he thought that he had been poisoned, like everyone else at the Gathering Place. But his symptoms were respiratory. He had no way of knowing if the other Pilgrims had experienced difficulty breathing, but their symptoms seemed much more...digestive. And at any rate, he hadn't died yet. So he wrote that off. He was just sick, and the kolto was keeping him going.

But as he sat up to look in the found that anything that could have held something did no longer. He was out of kolto.

Dominic closed his eyes and collapsed backwards again, giving a little sob. He had been so close, so hot on the trail...the last thing he wanted to do was to take time out to make a pitstop back on Manaan. But if he didn't, only trouble would follow. So he got up and went to the navicomputer and changed course.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Mica smiled and nodded. "Yeah...I guess you could say that. But most people don't think much of my brother and I." He shrugged. It was really no question as to why they weren't taken seriously by most; in fact, the only reason why the Admiral had any faith in them was because he had seen them in action. "They learn pretty quickly, though."

He stopped in front of a door placed halfway down the hallway, nodding towards it. "Anyway. This is the restroom. Did you want me to wait for you, or...?" That sounded awkward. But how else would she find her way to the dorms?

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