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"It might be more efficient to go after her with a blaster rifle immediately, but the rule still stands: Innocent until proven guilty. Are we all agreed?"

Atton grumbled something about politicans before agreeing. "I'm also good at sneaking pasts guards and other things. Let me know if you have need of my services."

Juhani had been sititng on the bed meditating when she had felt a massive disturbance in the force. She instantly knew where it had come: Zen's quarters.

I wonder if he is in the mood to spar. He certainly seems angry and I could use a good sparring partner right now.

Juhani made her way toward the men's quarters and noticed Perdante standing outside of the door. She nodded in greeting and began speaking, hoping that Zen was in the mood for a good spar.

"Zen...I can sense how angry you are right now. If you wish we could spar. Right now I need someone to spar with and I have heard of your skills in combat."
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