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((Enter Public Enemy #1...))


The prophet known only as Khristoff, once a mere ordinary mortal but now bordering on trans-human, wasn't liking the reports he was reading on his ultra-secure haptic console. The metal that he himself had created, back when he was just a humble materials engineer on Coruscant, was now creating its own problems. Those who used it to absorb and negate the effects of the Force, as was proper, were now suffering severe and painful diseases. This was not good.

"Are you sure it isn't a problem with the metal itself?" asked his assistant.

Khristoff grabbed the man's wrist and gave it a hard twist, so that it was very near to fracturing. "I am sure, Pavel. The metal is infallible, invincible. It is only the weak, fleshly body that is not strong enough to handle it that falls prey to these various illnesses. Could you enumerate them for me?"

"Constipation, sepsis, anaphylactic shock, respiriasis and pyriasis--"

"Stop. What were those last two? I've never heard of them before."

"Respiriasis is a disease of the respiratory system, as the name implies. Coughing, production of excess sputum, fatigue, symptoms similar to an ancient human disease called 'pertussis'. Pyriasis is a fever that starts with a slight rise in body temperature, but in the course of twelve hours, one dies from a fever ranging from thirty-nine to over forty-one degrees Celsius. In the past, this was often called 'hyperpyrexia'."

Khristoff frowned. "My, my. Are you sure the victims suffering from these diseases aren't overdosing on ostanovium capsules, and nothing else?"

"I am sure, Prophet," replied Pavel. "The ones in the dead cell on Coruscant, the one run by the late Seeker Adeline, did overdose. However, these new diseases are being experienced by people with light to moderate exposure to ostanovium. Is there nothing at all we can do about this?"

"There's something I can do," replied Khristoff. "If I created the metal, which no one knows I did, then I can create the cure for these illnesses--if, indeed, the ostanovium is causing them. It will be simple to do. I shall have Pilgrim Plina distribute the cure to anyone on Coruscant who is ill, once I am done fashioning it. It will cost credits, of course. This Temple can't run on faith alone." Khristoff smiled. "We also need ships and weapons of war."

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