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(Fahrenheit? Don't they generally use the metric system in Star Wars?)

Waiting in her quarters, Niera played back the message from Garren:

"I've checked over the records of the companies Plina's been having dealings with. They did deal in ostanovium, but they stopped after the Republic banned it, at least officially. Naturally, any of the paperwork from the shipments wouldn't mention it, so I'll need something a little more concrete. When the next shipment comes in, I'll try to spy on them, but security is tight, and it'd be hard to do without blowing my cover regardless. Holorecords mention a Khristoff, but so far not in a context that would identify him as the leader of the Found. She covers her tracks well, but not well enough for me. Garren out."

"Be careful." Niera said, softly smiling as the image faded. In some ways, it felt like he was in far more danger than she was.

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