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Originally Posted by Endorenna View Post
Err...that's what online Battlefront servers are for. MMO features simply don't work in that setting, 'cuz no one could cross a field for fear that some sniper would gun them down when all they wanted to do was talk to the NPC on the other side of said field. The only way to avoid that situation would be to have a function that disables PvP. This solution would anger people wanting a SW:BF type of game, 'cuz they wouldn't be able to shoot everything in the field.

PS: Mass Effect was only like Battlefront in that you shot things. ME was not an open battlefield; it was a linear shooting spree (as far as combat goes).
Well i've daydreamed they could go in that direction,with non-combat areas and real time combat, when you go on a mission or combat area.

I only used Battlefront as an example because it's multiplayer and Starwars, lightsabers, space combat and stuff, which mass effect doesn't have... but a Mass effect like misson structure(objective based instead of all deathmatch all the time op) would probably work better.
and i've never said Battlefront and Mass effect are similar.

More importantly, that was just wishfull thinking on my part, cause i'm not an mmo guy, so i've dreamed about this game that i could go for... and in the end i've come up with something that it's not an mmo at all as you put it.
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