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The three officers closest to the center of the bridge - Fara, in her captain's chair, Mica and Salvatore at their respective consoles a few feet diagonally to her left and right - were caught up in conversation when the two civilians arrived on the bridge. Behind Mic and Sal, the console screens were busy flickering through windows of their own accord, gathering the last of the diagnostics information before prepping for take off. The other bridge personnel were dutifully going through their preperations, and though the officers looked up upon Perdante's initial question, the others didn't begin to pay attention until the sniper went off in Caboose's hand. The crew, at least, maintained relative silence. The twins began to snicker.

"Sorry, buddy," Mica chortled as he turned back to his console.

"You're barking up the wrong tree, there." Sal smirked, doing the same as Mica spoke again.

"True that. While the Captain is on the bridge, you won't have to see any improper man and lady behavior." He sounded as if he were simply quoting a recruit handbook, but for some reason, Sal - and many of the other crewmen - found it uproariously hillarious. Fara merely rolled her eyes and hit a button on the arm of her chair, activating the intercom.

"Lieutenant Chasen," she told the answering voice. "I need you to send a team up here. A tank just shot himself in the foot."

While waiting for the sent-for medical team to arrive, Fara stood up and crossed nearer to the Jedi. "Perdante, right?" She verified. "I hope you don't mind being pulled away, but I thought you might want to be present for lift off. At any rate, I wanted to ask you about your perception of the Found. My briefings have been numerous, but not a single one has been a first hand account - nor were they from a Jedi's point of view. But we can discuss that later." She waved a dismissive hand as she went to sit back in her chair.

"Mica, Salvatore, update?"

"All systems are go, Captain!" They answered in unison again.

"Very well then." She activated the intercom again. "All passengers prepare for take off." She released the button as the viewscreens activated. "Start the count down, Xan."

One of the two pilots answered this time. "Yes, ma'am." The intercom clicked, his voice coming through this time. "Lift off in ten...nine...eight..."

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