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Darasuum's storyline

chapter 11: Recruitment

"Oh boy," Blaze said to himself, "Another mystery man! I think I need a good meal inside of me before I begin this expedition." And with that, Blaze walked towards the Queen's Inn. The Queen's Inn wasn't an ale house like most of the taverns on Port Royale, it was a gentleman's tavern, fine dining. Blaze walked in, found a seat next to the fireplace, and ordered a meal of Turkey, pork, red wine, corn, grapes, and spoon bread. When he finished his meal, he noticed four honest looking merchants enjoying a meal together.

He overheard them talking of no ventures and rarely any business opportunities. Then an idea came over Blaze, what if they could join the crew of Dias! "Hello, would any of you gentlemen want to be rich beyond your wildest dreams?"

"Doesn't every man?" One of the men asked, "In other words, yes."

"How would you fine gentleman like to assist my colleague and I on a little business venture?"

"Of coarse we would!"

"Well then, follow me, There is a covered wagon round back we can "borrow" I have a tiny bit of business I must take care of first.

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