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"Please, get down here and introduce yourself. You seem like a capable pirate to me."

"I am no pirate. I don't kill for pleasure, only when I must. However I will reveal myself only if you promise not to turn me in." he replied form the roof.

He took a deep breath before leaping off of the roof down to the floor below. He opened his arms up allowing the red cloak to cover the moon if you were directly under him which in this case the pirate was. He quickly rolled as soon as he was near the ground. He stood up slowly and faced the pirate he was trying to get a ride with. The white eyes of his mask looked soullessly at the pirate.

"I have no real name, only what the people call me if they see me. They call me the Red Death, El Rojo Muerto, Rojo, El Muerto, Death...I suppose if you wish to call me something you can call me Red," he replied.
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