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Originally Posted by Tysyacha View Post
The thing I'm worried about with TOR is this:

How long is it going to be before the roleplay goes down the toilet, from "Master, I wish to learn more about the Force. How does breaking one chain of events affect all others?"


"B3iNG 4 J3d1 1s s0 k3WL"

What's your theory on how long it will take for most of the players to get from point A to point Z? That's what pretty much ruined EverQuest for me.
As someone who rolls (*) in PnP crowds, I've learned that the second group has been around just as long as the first, perhaps even longer (RPG's are descended from wargaming, ya know?). Sorry to tell you, but if you want to RP your perfect Jedi fantasy, you'll have to look outside the video game industry.

*Alternatively, go to

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