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The primary reason I won't be playing this game is the monthly fee (the same reason I don't play other MMOs). I simply find it ludicrous to be required to pay 10-15 euros a month to be able to play a game I already paid 40-60 euros for. Unfortunately I'm neither insane nor am I insanely rich to be able to waste that kind of money on a game.

The second reason comes from my relatively short try-out of WoW (free trial) - boring quest types. It's either:
1) kill x enemies of Type A, y enemies of Type B and z enemies of Type C and report back
2) gather x items of Type A, y items of Type B and z items of Type C and report back, which can be divided into two subtypes:
- gather herbs
- gather items that are generated as loot for killing certain enemies, which means it's
a combination of 1) and 2)
3) take item A to character B who lives at location C
4) go talk to character A

The first two types are the more common ones, while 3) and 4) are rare breaks from infinite slashing. At least this has been my experience. Combine all that with the boring combat system and you can understand why I hate this aspect of MMOs.

The third reason is story. Again, from my limited experience of WoW, I didn't really notice that the game had a main plot, just a bunch of smaller, rather unimportant quest-lines. It did have premises for several good and seemingly interesting plots, but I have no idea how, or even if they unfolded to the player.

Fourth reason is a bunch of illogical design choices. It's supposed to be the (really) Old Republic, but with every video I see it seems a lot like the Republic we saw in the movies. It's simply inconceivable that technology would stand still for 3500 years, which enables TOR and the movies to have technology that has an almost identical appearance. This is something that bothered me in Obsidian's TSL too - I saw Star Destroyers identical to those from the movies along with some Tydirium shuttle-like crafts, not to mention the movie-like Jedi robes (even though that doesn't have as much to do with technology as it does with fashion, or something like that). It appears the designers from Bioware also decided to do away with visual originality of TOR and just replicate stuff from the movies. I'm not all too keen on seeing that kind of a game world, considering the era in which the game takes place.

OK, the wall o' text is high enough, I'll stop now.

On a side note, it's really been a while since I posted in this section of the forums.

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