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" ..ignition!"

As Perdante quickly strapped herself into the co-pilot's chair in the cockpit and felt the tremendous force of over 3 G's overwhelm her, she squinted her eyes shut very tightly and almost missed the Millennial sailing out of the massive opening in the roof of the Republic Headquarters' main hangar. Luckily, she managed to open her eyes in time to view the brilliant topaz-blue sky of Coruscant rising to meet her, with white, puffy clouds dotting it here and there. Even though the whole planet was a giant city, once one got past all the smog and industrial pollution in one's spacecraft, the skyline of Coruscant was one of the most magnificent sights in the galaxy. Perdy, for one, was glad to see it. Not many took the time these days to look up...

"As for the Found," she said once the Millennial had reached cruising altitude, "I believe that they're a cult as dangerous as the Sith Triumvirate was, if not more so. At least the Triumvirate used the Force--even Darth Traya, who wanted to destroy it. The Found want to destroy all of the users of the Force, whether Jedi or Sith. The thing is, every sentient being in the galaxy 'uses the Force' in some way, even if it's just to stay alive or connect with their spirituality. They may not realize it, but what they're truly preaching through their philosophy is genocide. So say I."


"Well, her husband, Xian Li, could be our first lead," Admiral Onasi replied. "He's incredibly loyal to the Republic, having served in its Junior Officers' Corp when he was a youth to earn money for his post-secondary education. Xian Li did remarkably well, and the Republic sought to recruit him for a position. However, Xian Li's dream was to be a politician, not a soldier. Thus, we had to let him go, and then he married Plina and let HER take the spotlight." Carth shook his head. "I can't believe he did that. Xian Li has a will made out of beskar. Why is he letting his wife run the show?"

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