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Always something new

I recently replayed Grim Fandango for like the gazillionth time. I know the game backwards and forwards. I could write a book on the thing. Oh, wait...

Anyway, I thought I'd seen and heard everything. I was wrong. On this latest playthrough, I suddenly got an idea to do a couple of things I'd never thought of doing before: showing the sprouted agent's photo and the other sprouted agent's arm (You can't tell the players without a program!) to Meche and Eva. With the photo, both said how sad it was. With the arm, Meche was frightened and Eva was blasť.

None of this is any big deal and I'd bet there are plenty of people who did those things on their very first time. The point is, no matter how much you think you know, you never know it all.

So anybody else ever do something in the game just to do it, expecting nothing and being surprised by finding something new to you?
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