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Juhani saw the slash coming towards her and force jumped backward out of the way before it could hit.

"Your good." She said with a smile as sweat began to form above her eyes. "But lets see you dodge this!"

She ran at Zen and began swinging her lightsaber in a devestating series of strikes and jabs. I'd like to see him dodge this.

"Mr. Rand, I wonder if you would be willing to accompany me to Xian Li's personal offices in the Iridium Complex for a visit. We're not going to question him officially--unless he proves uncooperative in telling us about ostanovium, among other matters. However, I don't think he will. Unlike Plina, Mr. Skelch seems to me to be a reasonable man."

"First of all...You can call me Atton. I don't like it when people address me by the last name. And second of all, I'd be glad to to visit Li's office.
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