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"Its been sometime since I've had a good fight. You have been so kind to show me a good fight so I think its about time I returned the favor."

Juhani ran forward and brought her lightsaber up as Zen brought the sword down with a quite a bit of force. She felt her knees buckle beneath her and heard something make a sharp cracking sound.

She brought her lightsaber out from under his sword and then force jumped over his head and brought her lightsaber extremley close to his neck. Not close enough to cause any pain but he would most likely be feeling the heat coming off the saber.

"I think we should call it a draw." She gasped as the sweat rolled off of her. "I think You managed to break something and I managed to get my lightsaber past your guard."

She deactivated her saber and stepped back and bowed. "You are a worthy opponet Zen." She said respectfully.
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